Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Which I Make The West Wing Not At All About The West Wing

I will be the first to admit that I spend too much time (if there is such a thing) watching Netflix. I have seen everything there is to offer in the category of "Because You Watched Tiny Furniture" and am slowly making my way through the "Because You Watched House of Cards". My friend Kaleigh, if that is her real name, has been telling me and everyone that follows her on Twitter.com to watch The West Wing since the day of her birth in 1994. I understand that The West Wing was not aired until 1999, but what can I say, Kaleigh is the most reliable psychic east of the Mississippi.

I too, have been trying to get my friends to watch The West Wing. They say, "What's that about, a hospital? A bird?" No! I say. You fools, you are all mistaken. It is about the White House. I would know, I watch the show, and took AP United States Government. I also once used the restroom in the White House because I was like four years old, and I really had to go, and the security guard was like "alright, that's chill." Also I met Joe Biden, the United States Vice President, and although we didn't discuss The West Wing, I'm sure we were all thinking about it.

In The West Wing, there are lots of presidential things that happen. One example would be that Rob Lowe, who plays a character named Sam, is in it. Rob Lowe is from Dayton, Ohio, which a place that Michelle Obama visited two years ago. Michelle Obama is the wife of Barack Obama, who works and breathes in the west wing of the White House.

Another example would be that there is a character in The West Wing named Toby. In real life, there is a guy that works at the White House named Toby! I do not know this for a fact, but Toby is a common enough name that I am sure it is true.

I would tell you more about the West Wing but I don't want to give anything away like the fact that the president gets impeached in the first episode, and then the United States is taken over by Canadian geese that only eat chicken curry, and we have to fight another French and Indian War. What? Go watch the West Wing.

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